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Income Tax Checklist

Things you need to know about running your own business in Canada. What you need to do when you need a financial consultant.

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  • Small Business or Corporation
  • Who keeps your books?
  • What role do you play?

Canadaian Busines Deductions

Print this checklist and use it help gather all the papers that are needed to properly fill out your personal Income Tax Return

  •  T4 Statement of Employment Income
  •  T4A Statement of pension, retirement, annuity, old age security, or other income
  •  T4RSP Statement of Income from a registered retirement savings plan
  •  R4RIF Statement of Income from a registered retirement income fund
  •  T4U Statement of Unemployment Insurance Benefits
  •  T-5 Statement of Investment Income
  •  T2200 Statement of Allowable Expenses signed by your employer
  •  T-5007 Statement of Benefits from WS&IB or Social Assistance
  •  T5008 Statement of Securities Transactions
  •  T5013 Statement of Partnership Income
  •  T3 Supplementary (Capital Gains etc.)
  •  T101, T102, T5103 from Exploration & Development Expenses

Official receipts for:

  •  RRSPs
  •  Tuition fees
  •  Union & professional dues
  •  Prescription drugs, medical expenses
  •  Charitable donations
  •  Property tax paid

Receipts for:

  •  All child care expenses or attendant care expenses for a disabled person
  •  Moving expenses if you moved 40+km. to a new job or work location
  •  Safety deposit box rental
  •  Rent paid + name of landlord
  •  Interest paid on loans for investments
  •  Business investment consultation fees

Other expenses:

  •  Commissioned sales person expenses (similar to business expenses) *
  •  Any legal expenses to collect alimony, pension or retiring allowances
  •  Information on any business investment losses
  •  Schedule of purchase & sale of securities, commissions paid

Personal Information

  •  Your Mailing Labels from Revenue Canada
  •  Name, Address, Birth date, SIN for: You, Your Spouse, and Your Children. (Your Common-Law spouse is entitled to married benefits if he/she meets certain conditions)
  •  Copy of your last tax return (if you came to I B R C C last year, we have this item on file.)
  •  Copy of your last Notice of Assessment